ITS Teaching and Learning has partnered with Dr. Viji Sathy, Teaching Professor in the Department of Psychology and Program Evaluator for the Chancellor's Science Scholars, to create the UNC Check-In app to facilitate taking attendance during classes and other events. The app allows instructors to specify brief time intervals during which students can register attendance when in proximity to Bluetooth beacons.


Check-in App Screen

Service FAQs

The UNC Check-In app only uses Location Services to detect your nearness to the Bluetooth beacon in your classroom. At no time is your location stored anywhere or shared with anyone.

NO, the UNC Check-In app does not track your location.

UNC Chapel Hill has a class attendance policy and it is up to each instructor if they want to use the UNC Check-In app to take attendance.

If your class is using the UNC Check-In app for attendance, then the student (users) and the facilitator for the course (faculty member, approved TA or course administrator) can see attendance history.

First, let your instructor or TA know, so they can correct your attendance; the UNC Check-In team will not change attendance on behalf of a student. Next follow the "Quick Tips" recommendations in the app. If your issue persists, submit a support ticket. For in-person support of phone app issues, the ITS ServiceDesk has a Walk-In located at the Student Union.

Student FAQs

Download the UNC Check-In app from the Apple App store: UNC Check-In on the App Store

After you open the app, log in with your Onyen and password.


Next, allow the app to use Location Services to detect when you are near one of the classroom beacons, while you are using the app.


Now you are ready to use the app.



The UNC Check-In app needs access to the Location Services to detect your nearness to the
Classroom Bluetooth beacons. To Enable Location Services select the Settings button.


On the Settings page select Privacy.

screenshot of privacy settings


On the Privacy page select Location Services.

 screenshot of location services


On the Locations Services page select UNC Check-In.

screenshot of selecting UNC Check-In app


In the UNC Check-In window select “While Using the App”.

screenshot of UNC Check-In window


Now the UNC Check-In app should detect the beacon.

When you see this screen, it means you have manually turned off the Bluetooth on your phone.

To turn on the Bluetooth, click "Settings"


Change your Bluetooth setting from off, to ON.




Download the UNC Check-In app from the Google Play store:

UNC Check-In App for Android on Google Play


Screenshot of the UNC Check-In app as displayed in the Google Play Store


After you install the App, open it.
Next, log in with your ONYEN and Password.

screenshot of UNC login screen


Allow the app to use your location to detect when you are in a classroom with a Bluetooth beacon.

Screenshot of the UNC Check-In App displaying the Location screen in Android devices with a checkmark next to the text "Always Allow Location Access"


Now you are ready to use the app.

Open SETTINGS for your Android phone.
Select "Apps & notifications".

Screenshot highlighting Apps & Notifications option

In "Apps & notifications" select the UNC Check-In app.

Screenshot of the UNC Check-In app highlighted


Now select the Permissions option.